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Licensed Massage Therapist

   Hi YOU beautiful being,

My name is Shawna Conner.  I am a wellness warrior always looking for ways to be healthy.  I own a mindful, centered heart Massage Therapy practice.  I have enjoyed giving over 20,000 Massages while maintaining a thriving self-employed practice for over 20 years. This healing art of unwinding body tension continues to be my passion.  With an open heart and intuitive touch, my hands guide your body into relaxation with rocking, compression, and classic Swedish Massage Therapy strokes with a focus on breathing.  After your body is warmed up, I find the spots that need specific release by using the right amount of pressure for your body whether that is light, medium, or deep to reduce muscle tension.  I use the highest quality of Aromatherapy to assist in your relaxation and breathing.  

Most of my clients receive 1-2 Massages per month as their preventative maintenance health routine.  Research has proven the benefits of receiving Massage Therapy on a regular basis.

It is my honor to be of service for this ancient, beneficial bodywork.  

Feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions.    




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